P.S. L'Equipe

A lifestyle choice

The services we offer are a mix of techniques, experiences and programs joined with unfailing courtesy.
Too often we think that the entertainer should be the "professional" of improvisation and chaos: instead we believe that the entertainer is always a good professional in courtesy and communication.

In recent years other companies have followed the path we took some years ago.

For many reasons until this day no one has been able to imitate our style. We always select young people from different Italian regions to ensure that our teams are as heterogeneous as possible.

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Our training is based on a self-created system that is independent from all tour operators.

Therefore, while the majority of our competitors provide an individualistic training that adapts to a single operator, our work experience has led us to learn and work in structures with both Italian and international tourists, and in particular to work in different environments, each one with a particular clientele: villages, hotels clubs, residences, camping village.

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Our history

A way of life

P.S. L'Equipe is a company that has experience in entertaining services and training sectors since 1993, when its owners decided to offer the best opportunities for their employees, clients and themselves.

Andrea, Alberto, Michela, Franky, Mauro, Mary, Francis, Max, Ciccio, Debby, Abe and many others. Names and faces that have been working in the entertainment and training industry, offering their advice and their services, are now working on finding a new product.
P.S. L'Equipe. The product.

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