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P.S. L’Equipe works to ensure the future of young people who have chosen tourism as a profession.

The promise is that all entertainers entering the tourism fields will transform the dream into reality, as has already happened to several of our past employees, who currently work as animators, assistants and coordinators in different levels of all tourism sectors.

To experience all this in fantastic holiday locations, ,with nice people, friendly and relaxed ... it is not a dream! It is our everyday life!


"From beginning to end i ride this wave of emotions! Thanks to P.S. L'Equipe i had the chance to grow up, to know what does it means to satisfy a guest and how to work in a team...team that for 3 months in Jesolo was my second family!"
Arianna Entertainer 1st season

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If you already have good character, perseverance, patience, team spirit and adaptability, we can teach you the techniques of tourist entertainment.

It is not only a profession but also a vocation.

For technical roles such as DJs, choreographers and designers, the specific training should already be part of your skills: we will teach you how to apply them in in the tourist industry.
Finally, thanks to courses created in collaboration with national authorities you can also become a trainer in sailing, windsurfing or as a lifeguard.

Work with us